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The objective is for this to be a hands-on training for real estate agents to learn the proper procedures when conducting online real estate transactions in Dotloop. This includes utilizing esignatures, online task lists, and efficiencies created by paperless systems. The goal is for this seminar to teach attendees how to: • Create and manage a paperless real estate transaction - 100% online • Edit and auto-populate interactive real estate documents (TAR Forms) and share them with clients, agents, title companies, and anyone else involved in the real estate transaction • Utilize esignatures as an alternative to printing, scanning, faxing, or meeting face to face • Esignature legality and security • Add more value to your client's buying or selling experience by creating client checklists (task lists that help your client understand what else they should be considering/what else they should be doing during the buying/selling/moving process).
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