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A Bite-Size Mini Bagel Ball

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2 Pack New York City Classic Flavors

SKU: NYC-2 $22.50
Bagel Lites are a New take on a New York City Classic! These are Bite-Size mini bagels balls that are just the right portion! Bagel Lites are Authentic NYC kettle-boiled bagel balls made with the finest ingredients - So please freeze them upon receipt. They are fresh baked every Monday morning and shipped out fresh to you Standard Shipping 1-4 business days from that Monday. Place Orders Monday-Friday (Friday 10AM EST Cut off) and they will be shipped out the FOLLOWING Monday. If you ordered after 10AM on Friday, they will be shipped out the 2nd Monday after that week. Each bag has 8 fresh baked Bagel Lites inside. We do not accept returns on perishable food items. Shipping in the U.S. Only, Not including Hawaii and Puerto Rico