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POT O GOLD ( POG ) - GAME Board with 510 SOFTWARE***WOW!!!

SKU: $699.00
(Pictures are for illustration only) Gameboards are in 100% Working Condition and have been tested ***14-Day Return Policy*** All items have Warranty Stickers and must be present in order for Returns to be Accepted. Tampering with stickers VOIDS warranty. Any alteration to the GameBoard VOIDS Warranty ***When setting up the board make sure it is plugged into the Jamma Harness correctly because if not it will burn the U30 Chip (Dallas Chip) and warranty will be VOIDED*** ***DO NOT REMOVE the U30 Chip (Dallas Chip) or alter with it in any way, because it will VOID the Warranty... NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES will be accepted***
Category:POT O GOLD, Boards