Custom Revelation Bagpipe (Complete Package)

SKU: $1,950.00
Design your Revelation MacLellan Bagpipe. After months of research and development, we have created a delrin instrument with an internal design that overcomes the short-comings of traditional bores. We found that by changing the bore sizes and by lining the bores with a cellulose polymer sleeve, we were able to produce an instrument with all the structural benefits of delrin that produced a refined "wood-like" sound. Select drone profile, metalwork and projecting mounts. Drones, stocks and chanter, complete with pipe bag, drone reeds cords, cover and carrying case. Make full payment in shopping cart, or call +1.‪919.404.9690‬ to place order and make 50% deposit. 12 to 15 weeks delivery. Measure blowpipe from bottom of projecting mount to tip of mouthpiece.