Custom Revelation Bagpipe Complete Package

SKU: $1,625.00
Design your Revelation MacLellan Bagpipe. After months of research and development, we have created a delrin instrument with an internal design that overcomes the short-comings of traditional bores. We found that by changing the bore sizes and by lining the bores with a cellulose polymer sleeve, we were able to produce an instrument with all the structural benefits of delrin that produced a refined "wood-like" sound. The tops of each stock are threaded to allow removal of the drier cartridge and added drying if needed. The drier cartridge is lined with the same material, adding to moisture control and resonance. Select drone profile, metalwork and projecting mounts. Drones, stocks and chanter, complete with pipe bag, drone reeds cords, cover and carrying case. Make full payment in shopping cart, or call 704-635-7210 to place order and make 50% deposit. 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Measure blowpipe from bottom of projecting mount to tip of mouthpiece.