3 Practical Steps for
Advancing Your Career
Standing Out as a Leader

“Once I started reading, I could not put it down…”

“I cannot recall, in a long time, a book so well organized, so thought provoking nor so damn relevant to today's business community as RISE…”

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  55 customer reviews

“It's like having a conversation with your best friend who just happens to be the CEO of a billion dollar business.
Patty gives away all the secrets and shines a light on the often baffling task of building a rewarding and successful executive career...”

“If you were wondering, why you got passed over for promotion or why you didn't get your last raise, then Patty will show exactly the reasons…”

Most business books tell you what you should be doing to get ahead. RISE tells you HOW to do it. In plain, straight-forward language, it lays out the steps in such a way that you come away saying, "I can do that”…

“Patty's references to the people who make you crazy and how to deal with them, ignore them, or learn from them make me far more equipped and actually hopeful….”

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