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1925 Conover GrandSKU: 31782

This is a beautiful piano! This 1925 Conover Grand piano displays a rich, warm tone with every stroke of the keys. From the stunning mahogany finish to the pristine sound, you can't go wrong with this piano. It includes a QRS 2000 Pianomation CD player that is a joy to sit and listen to. This would be a family heirloom for years to come. This was a high grade of piano manufactured by J. Frank Conover who was considered by many one of the worlds great piano makers. Located in the heart of piano country, Mr. Frank Conover devoted more than forty years of his life to the study of a single problem - tone. The Conover scale design is still imitated by many factories. Pianos of the highest type, first made in 1885 by Frank Conover, an expert of international distinction, were later manufactured by The Cable Company, of Chicago. In making the Conover piano

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