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Exoderm | Purifying Exfoliating Gel

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Deep cleans the skin by eliminating impurities and dead skin cells. Clears up the complexion, stimulates and provides added softness. Prepares the epidermis for esthetic and hair removal treatments.

Skin Type

All skin types. Face and body.

Main Active Ingredients

    • Green algae (tetraselmis chui): Chlorophyll-rich; anti-wrinkle and moisturizing
    • Brown algae (fugus): Moisturizing, soothing
    • Aloe vera: Regenerating, softening, calming, moisturizing
    • Hibiscus: Moisturizing, antioxidant, provides glow to the skin; rich in vitamin C and polyphenols. Contains citric, malic and tartaric acid. Clears away dead skin cells
    • Pineapple: Bromelain enzymes naturally present in the fruit and stem of the pineapple plant (used as an exfoliant), brightening, antioxidant
    • Grapefruit: Antioxidant and purifying; rich in vitamin A and C, as well as essential minerals; provides elasticity and softness to the skin
    • Micronized olive pits: Exfoliates, eliminates dead cells and other impurities; provides softness and glow, promotes good product penetration
    • Allantoin: Calming, regenerating, moisturizing, protective. Allantoin softens and smooths keratin, which is a tough inflexible protein found in the epidermis, nails and hair.
    • Lemon essential oil: Purifying, softening, tones up the epidermis for a fresher and brighter complexion
    • Paraben-free


Apply on damp skin in a light circular motion. Enhance the deep-cleansing action with ToniqA lotion if necessary and rinse. Use once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and impurities.
Lightens the complexion, softens the skin, stimulates cellular renewal.
Ideal to prepare the skin for esthetic treatments and hair removal since it eliminates dead skin cells and impurities on the skin surface. Facilitates insertions in electro-epilation. Makes hair extraction easier, for both wax depilation and electro-epilation.
ExoDerm also improves absorption of other cosmetic products.

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