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A World of Knowing (Study Guide)

SKU: $13.00
This is a study guide to be used as a tool for teachers to explore the life of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, the founder of the first school for the Deaf in America and American Sign Language. This book is to be used alongside, "A World of Knowing," a chapter book, for grades 3-5. Reading along with children and doing an in-depth study of the content together enchances the reading experience. Students get more out of a book when they have a good study guide to help them notice things that they would otherwise ignore. Used wisely, a study guide can lay the foundation for reading as they notice wonderful things about the book in their hands, picturing themselves as the characters, and bringing the story to life. The study guide also includes two charts explaining Literary Devices and the timeline of the life of Gallaudet. Each chapter includes worksheets and answer keys featuring: Vocabulary, Discussion Questions, Comprehension Questions, and Literary Devices. Guide children on a journey of exploration of the life of an incredible man who impacted the deaf and hearing world forever! 60 pages, full-color