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YZR R-6 (03-05)

YZR R-6 (03-05)
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NEW! 03-05 Yamaha YZF R-6 ARATA Full Titanium exhaust. Produced in Japan from the World's finest "Nippon Steel" #1 grade Titanium! Arata is setting the standard for lightweight high performance exhausts. After 9 years of success in Japan, these highly developed hand-crafted systems have been brought to the US


TIG welded hand bent titanium tubes for smoother bends and better flow.
Tapered header pipes and mid-pipe designed for "maximum" performance across the rpm range.

Header crossover tubes for more mid-range punch.

Germany's "Silent Sports" packing is the best made high performance silencer package available in the world! Insuring a long life and durability.

High quality 3-piece hook style springs are rubber coated for protection.

- Machined counter shift levers
- Derlin rubber foot pedals
- Fully adjustable 4 position foot mounts with ballbearing

1) 00mm Back / 20mm Up
2) 00mm Back / 30mm Up
3) 10mm Back / 20mm Up
4) 10mm Back / 30mm Up

Ti/Ti- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/MB- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Matte Black Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/CF- (is all Titanium Exhaust with "Dry" Carbon Fiber Sleeves on Silencers.

This system was not designed to work with a short silencer. Logo may get in the way when mounting.
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