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(04-06) YZF R-1 Full Titanium Exhaust

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SKU: AA-1678-OC45 $2,799.00
"THE NEW WORLD STANDARD IN TITANIUM EXHAUSTS" Full Titanium race exhaust system: Taper header tube, large primary header, 4 into 2 into 1 style, and duplex crossovers where needed. They increase low and mid range torque while allowing maximum gain in high-end horsepower. This full Titanium exhaust system is the choice of the top race teams around the world for incressed performance and weight savings.

The last current system we have has had the head pipes installed (possibly with the collector connected). Now the exhaust was returned to us from a magazine photo shoot (with these 5 pieces slightly used) from the magazine Co. Of course not at our knowledge, once it was sold we reopened to examine the system to ship out. It was then that it came to our attention.

Now this system has already been extremely discounted based on the fact it had been opened and 5 pieces installed for the photo shoot. Someone at the magazine (back in 06) started that bike without the whole system installed. That said by the look of the head pipes it could not have been running more then a minute or two. We can send you photos for your review apon request? The up pipe, two tail pipes and both Titanium silencers (no carbon available) are still brand new and untouched as the shoot did not require them. This is our last (04-05) system in stock and Japan has stopped manufactureing them. The fact it was opened for that photo shoot is why the deep discount!!! Get it at this low low price while you can!!
- Machined counter shift levers - Derlin rubber foot pedals - Fully adjustable 6 position foot mounts with ballbearing -fot STREET and RACER PATTERN CHANGE

1) 5mm Back / 10mm Up
2) 25mm Back / 10mm Up
3) 15mm Back / 20mm Up
4) 25mm Back / 20mm Up

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