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FZI Full System All Years

FZI Full System All Years
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NEW! 2003 Yamaha FZ1 ARATA Full Titanium exhaust. Produced in Japan from the World's finest "Nippon Steel" #1 grade Titanium! Arata is setting the standard for lightweight high performance exhausts. After 9 years of success in Japan, these highly developed hand-crafted systems have been brought to the US


TIG welded hand bent titanium tubes for smoother bends and better flow.
Tapered header pipes and mid-pipe designed for "maximum" performance across the rpm range.

Header crossover tubes for more mid-range punch.

Germany's "Silent Sports" packing is the best made high performance silencer package available in the world! Insuring a long life and durability.

High quality 3-piece hook style springs are rubber coated for protection.

Ti/Ti- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/MB- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Matte Black Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/CF- (is all Titanium Exhaust with "Dry" Carbon Fiber Sleeves on Silencers.

This system was not designed to work with a short silencer. Logo may get in the way when mounting.

System Needs To Ship From Japan
Shipping has & can be turned in (7-10) days, from receipt of order. However, if in high season while having to consider Japan's inventory & worldwide demand.... It can/has taken up to (4 to 8) weeks? Typically we order (at a “minimum") of once a month, (or more) given it's that time of year! Now, in the "off season,” ordering is normally at a bi-monthly rate, it can get to a maximum of (10-12) week span. However, this is extremely rare! When and how often we order from Japan for stock is "simply," all generated by "YOU" the customer! Along with our commitment to “Customer Satisfaction”.
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