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GSX-R 600/750 (06-09)

GSX-R 600/750 (06-09)

** Silencer shown in this picture has been Discontinued! Black Hanger Bracket is an option.

In (06) we released this Sleek new Silencer in Matte Black as a standard. However moving into 2008 we will be shipping systems with our current silencer line up. Still, the same top quality that Arata is known for and awesome power! The 2008 is said to produce even greater numbers then we have experienced in (06-07). So all you GIXXER fans will love is new 2008.

** Ti/Ti- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/MB- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Matte Black Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/CF- (is all Titanium Exhaust with "Dry" Carbon Fiber Sleeves on Silencers.

These listed silencers will be the options for 2008!

This system was designed to work with a short silencer. Logo may get in the way when mounting 480 mm.
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