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ZX-6R (07-08)

ZX-6R (07-08)
Going racing???

The current system available is the 2nd generation with improved mid range while maintaining the peek horse power for an awesome, unbeaten powerband!!! This 8lbs. system increases power by 10HP's!

Manufactured in Japan from the World's finest manuafactured Titanium. Arata is setting the world standard for lightweight high performance exhausts. After 15 years of success in Japan, these highly developed hand-crafted systems have been brought to the US!


TIG welded hand bent titanium tubes for smoother bends and better flow

Tapered header pipes and elbows designed for "maximum" performance across the rpm range

Header crossover tubes are added where needed

"Silent Sports" German Silencer packing is the highest grade available insuring a long life and durability

High quality 3-piece hook springs are rubber coated for protection.

Silencer shown is 330mm Shorty. Currently only available in "Dry" Carbon.

Ti/CF- (Is a all Titanium Exhaust with "Dry" Carbon Fiber Sleeve on Silencer.
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(07-08) ZX-6R Rear Set
$599.00 $499.00
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