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Kawasaki ZX12-R (All Years)

Kawasaki ZX12-R (All Years)
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Full Titanium Systems are produced in Japan from the World's finest Nippon Titanium, Arata is setting the standard for lightweight high performance exhausts. After 8 years of success in Japan and 7 more in the US these highly developed hand-crafted systems have been brought to the US!


TIG welded hand bent titanium tubes for smoother bends and better flow.

Tapered header pipes and elbows designed for "maximum" performance across the rpm range.

Header crossover tubes are added where needed.

German canister packing is the highest grade available insuring a long life and durability.

High quality 3-piece hook style springs are rubber coated for protection.

Silencer shown at regular length 480mm. 330mm Shorty's are also available (5 inches shorter).

Ti/Ti- (Is a all Titanium Exhaust with a Titanium Sleeve on Silencer.

Ti/MB- (is a all Titanium Exhaust with Matte Black Titanium Sleeve on Silencer.

Ti/CF- (is a all Titanium Exhaust with "Dry" Carbon Fiber Sleeve on Silencer.

This system was not designed to work with a short silencer. Logo may get in the way when mounting.
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A/F Boss

A/F Boss

This gives you the option to add A/F sensors to any of the pipes in this category. FULL SYSTEMS ONLY
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