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CBR1000RR (04-07)

CBR1000RR (04-07)
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Full Titanium exhaust system: Taper header tube, large primary header, 4 into 2 into 1 style, and crossovers. These system has forged "D" shaped hear pipes to accommodate Honda's new hear design for the CBR1000RR in 04. Notice the secondary picture for a good look at the craftsmanship of the head pipes. Still increasing low and mid range torque while allowing maximum gain in high-end horsepower. This full Titanium exhaust system weighs 10 lbs. complete with silencer for increased performance and weight savings. Used by Honda Canada's Factory race team.

All systems with the part number 1827 in the (middle) are Trapiziod style. 1654 & 1810 are Oval Silencers.

ALSO AVAILABLE Convert your OLD style Ovl (04-05)CBR1000 silencer on your ARATA full system to the new style silencer.

Ti/Ti- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/MB- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Matte Black Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/CF- (is all Titanium Exhaust with "Dry" Carbon Fiber Sleeves on Silencers.
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