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CBR 929/954

CBR 929/954
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"THE NEW WORLD STANDARD IN TITANIUM EXHAUSTS" Full Titanium race exhaust system: Taper header tube, large primary header, 4 into 2 into 1 style, and crossovers where needed. They increase low and mid range torque while allowing maximum gain in high-end horsepower. This full Titanium exhaust system is the choice of the top race teams around the world for incressed performance and weight savings.

This system mounts useing the stock (Honda OEM) rear passenger foot rest.

Silencers show at regular length 480mm. 330mm Shorty's).

** Ti/Ti- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Titanium Sleeve on Silencer.

Ti/MB- (is all Titanium Exhaust with Matte Black Titanium Sleeves on Silencers.

Ti/CF- (is all Titanium Exhaust with "Dry" Carbon Fiber Sleeves on Silencers.

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