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CR3500 CodeReader With BH1 Battery Handle and 6 ft. Straight USB Cable

SKU: 110995 $1,085.80 $1,031.51 You Save: 5%
Featuring MegaPixel digital imaging, dual-field optics, and glare-reducing technology, the CR3500 is one of the most advanced and aggressive bar code readers on the market today.

The CR3500 decodes bar codes faster and offers features not found in other readers, including automatic glare-reducing illumination technology. The result is unequaled performance, even on difficult reading surfaces, including circuit boards, IV bags, patient wristbands, drivers licenses and other shiny or curved surfaces. The CR3500 can read both wide linear bar codes and the smallest of 2D bar codes. The optimal focus and field of view indicator of these readers make bar code reading even easier than before.

The CR3500 has 10 MB of non-volatile memory for saving batch data. The CR3500 also features an alpha-numeric keypad and a display screen allowing for manual data entry. This kit includes a CR3500 Bar Code Scanner, 1950 mAH Li-Ion rechargeable BH1 battery handle and 6ft straight USB cable.

The BH1 Battery Handle recharges in a Universal Mountable Charger (not included) or via the included USB cable (though this method is slower).

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