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Peter Anderson is a new country singer that creates rock-and-roll music in Sunnyvale, CA.
His new album offers ten wonderfully soothing and uplifting music tracks that anyone will love.
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Just In Time

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Peter Anderson's album “Just In Time” features ten country rock, pop rock, and ballads that are sure to soothe the soul. If you’re a fan of acoustic-oriented traditional music, then this is the CD for you. His music has been delighting audiences for years -- in fact, Thank the Lord for Arthur Murray was the in the Top 10 songs list of Cash Box Magazine eight months in a row. Place your order today and enjoy his positive, relaxing view of the world.
Track List:
Princess Of Dreams
You Won't Have To Worry
Thank The Lord For Arthur Murray
Grandma's Song
Swirl Your Love
Lay Down
Let It Out
Don't Think Darlin'
We Can't Go On
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