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Subject Control, Non- lethal weapon certifications package 09/09,09/10 and 09/23,09/24

SKU: $320.00
This course consists of four days. This training choice combines our subject control and non-lethal weapons certifications into one competitively priced package. - Impact Weapons - Expandable Baton - OC Individual Chemical Aerosol - Subject Control - Handcuffing This training is a MUST for armed and unarmed security officers who are authorized to carry secondary weapons. Legal instruction for Use of Force, Deadly Force, and Active Scenarios are part of the training. All training is provided by O.P.O.T.C (O.P.O.T.A) credentialed instructors utilizing O.P.O.T.C curriculum's. Two-year certifications. Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the class. This course's schedule is as follows: 04/15 - 04/16 8AM-6PM - Subject control training. 04/29 - 04/30 8AM-6PM - Impact Weapons - Expandable Baton, OC Individual Chemical Aerosol, Subject Control review and scenarios, Handcuffing. Please note that these courses require physical exertion and participation. The OC certification requires contamination. These courses will be held at our training facility located in Glenford,OH. All sales transactions are final. No refunds. Classes may be rescheduled up to five days before the class with no additional fees.