Balance Spring Side Load Single Hung

SKU: BSP- $7.30
Replacement block and tackle balance spring for AMSCO side load single hung windows.

THIS SPRING WILL NOT WORK FOR TILT SASH PRODUCTS. (If your windows cannot be tilted in they are side load windows.)

To order the correct size spring, find the numbers stamped on the body of your existing spring. It will either be a four digit number or a two digit number followed by a dash and then a single number. (XXXX or XX-X) The first number indicates the spring length(i.e. 18XX is an 18-inch spring) the second number indicates the spring weight (i.e. 1820 or 18-2 is a 18-inch spring with a spring strength of -2 (20))

ODD SIZED SPRINGS SHOULD USE THE NEXT SMALLER SIZE. (i.e. If you need a 27-2 order a 26-2)

It is recommended that you replace springs in pairs.

For instructions on replacement please view our YouTube video:

Click here for our YouTube instruction video.

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