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Personal Ballistic Shield

Invest in the safety of you, your family, or your employees when you purchase a personal ballistic shield from American Personal Shields Inc. Whether you are searching for something to keep you safe in the classroom or you are concerned with the recent school shootings seen across the country, you can feel secure and confident at all times with a personal defense shield from our business. We offer a lightweight selection that is so light that a child can carry it.

You never know when you are going to be present during a shooting. It may happen to you while you are working as a teacher. Someone could invade your home when you are sitting down to dinner with your family. Be safe at all times when you have a bulletproof shield for home defense. Take a look at the shield we have available in our online store and place an order online today.

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Personal Lightweight NIJ IIIA Ballistic Shield

Personal Lightweight NIJ IIIA Ballistic Shield

With this easily portable shield, you stand a chance against any assailant.
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