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Line 6 X2 XDR95 Digital Wireless Instrument System

SKU: $349.95
The X2 XDR95 digital wireless system by Line 6 is a breakthrough in wireless sound and performance that's compliant with the FCC's 2009 wireless standards. Features wired sound and performance with extended frequency response, operating range, and a high level of interference protection. For added versatility, it provides both an instrument input for guitar/bass as well as a microphone input. Featuring an extended range of 300'?the length of an entire football field?X2 XDR95 provides at maximum range the same blazing signal and brilliant, uncompressed tone that it provides at the source. Analog wireless systems, notorious for rolling-off low end, force players, especially bass players, to sacrifice tone for wireless functionality. With X2 XDR95, players can easily interact with the crowd at the foot of the stage without any loss in sound quality. Extremely versatile, X2 XDR95 simplifies the recording process. The extended frequency response, 10Hz-20kHz, satisfies the expectations guitarists have come to demand from high-quality cable, but without the tangled mess. With their rigs cranked to 11 in the iso-booth, guitarists can play near the band and keep the all-important vibe and that ensures a great take. Eliminating common issues that adversely affect traditional analog wireless systems, X2 XDR95 utilizes exclusive Line 6 dual-RF technology to guarantee a strong and constant signal and to neutralize issues of static, interference and jamming caused by cell phones, wireless networks and other unforeseen or unknown sources of RF energy. Additionally, the transmitter provides 9V DC bias power for lavalier or headworn microphones from various manufacturers including Audio Technica*, Countryman*, Shure*, Sennheiser*, Audix*, and others. View the owner's manual for a detailed wiring diagram and connector requirements. The X2 XDR95 digital wireless system holds 2 prestigious industry awards: Bass Player magazine's ''Editor's Award'' and Guitar World magazine's ''Gold Award.'' Retail: $899.00 Our Price: $349.95
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