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Line 6 X2 XDS95 Digital Wireless Instrument System

SKU: $199.95
The Line 6 X2 XDS95 24-Bit Digital Instrument Wireless System delivers your tone and performance with the sound and feel of a direct wire connection?all at a price that won't break the bank. 24-bit digital converters yield 117dB dynamic range to capture your most expressive performances without the use of tone-squashing companding circuitry. It also features five simultaneously compatible channels, frequency response all the way down to 10Hz for truly thundering lows, TRS 1/4'' output for instrument and full-bandwidth or 'tuner out' applications, and a 5-segment LED display (battery status, link status, audio level, and channel). Operation is easy?simply connect the transmitter to the source via the 1/8'' threaded-collar locking connector and the stompbox-style receiver to your amplifier, mixer, or pedalboard. Then power up, making sure the transmitter and receiver are set to the same channel. That's it?no knobs to adjust, no antennas to lose or break. You're up and running in approximately the same time it takes to connect a cable. Boasting wide frequency response and increased dynamic range, X2 XDS95 produces brilliant sound quality comparable to that of high-quality audio cables. Instead of tripping over dozens of feet of tangled cable, performers will fall for X2 XDS95's clear and powerful tone. Extremely versatile, X2 XDS95 even simplifies the recording process. The extended frequency response, 10Hz-12kHz, satisfies the expectations guitarists have come to demand from high-quality cable, but without the tangled mess. With their rigs cranked to 11 in the iso-booth, guitarists can play near the band and keep the all-important vibe and that ensures a great take. The X2 XDS95 uses four internal antennas to guarantee a strong and constant signal and to neutralize static, interference, and jamming caused by cell phones, wireless networks, and other sources of RF energy. Line 6 includes a digital UHF bodypack transmitter, digital UHF stompbox receiver, instrument cable, user's guide, and batteries with the X2 XDS95 System. Our Price: $499.99 Our Price: $199.95
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