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Line 6 X2 XDR957 Digital Clip-On Instrument Wireless Mic System

SKU: $629.95
The Line 6 X2 XDR-957 Wireless Mic System for brass and woodwind instruments is a breakthrough in wireless sound and performance that's 2009 Compliant, and features a specialized cardioid clip-on instrument microphone. This microphone provides maximum isolation for the performer, while capturing the full energy of your brass or woodwind instrument. Cardioid microphones will greatly reduce feedback problems and the adjustable boom allows you to position the capsule in the optimum pickup position. Boasting extended frequency response and dynamic range, X2 XDR957 produces brilliant sound quality comparable to that of high-quality audio cables. Instead of tripping over dozens of feet of tangled cable, performers will fall for X2 XDR957's clear and commanding tone. Featuring an extended range of 300 feet, the length of an entire football field, X2 XDR957 provides at maximum range the same blazing signal and brilliant, uncompressed tone that it provides at the source. Analog wireless systems, notorious for rolling-off low end, force acoustic instrumentalists to sacrifice tone for wireless functionality. Extremely versatile, X2 XDR957 even simplifies the recording process. The extended frequency response, 10 Hz ? 20 kHz, satisfies the expectations brass, string and wind players have come to demand from high-quality cable, but without the tangled mess. Eliminating common issues that adversely affect traditional analog wireless systems, X2 XDR957 utilizes exclusive Line 6 dual-RF technology to guarantee a strong and constant signal and to neutralize issues of static, interference and jamming caused by cell phones, wireless networks and other unforeseen sources of RF energy. Retail: $1029.99 Our Price: $629.95
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