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"Re-framing the Golden Years Mindset: A Time for Passion, Possibility, and Spiritual Abundance" (Live Workshop. Price is per-person cost. Please call 850.284.4899 to schedule a workshop).

SKU: $89.00
This hands-on Workshop is designed to help you develop a personalized strategic plan to ensure your Golden Years are filled with joy, passion, possibility, and purpose. Thanks to healthier lifestyles and modern medicine, we are living longer than previous generations. Although we love the freedom and flexibility that retirement offers, the need for meaning and purpose does not retire when we say farewell to our co-workers. Our need for vibrancy and relevancy continues to be an important aspect of our being. The Golden Years offer a wonderful opportunity to discover and usher in a whole new dimension of your life. This is the time to focus on spiritual growth, continued vitality, and lifelong wellbeing. We will have loads of fun creating your blueprint for success during your Golden Years. To schedule a workshop in your area please call 850.284.4899. (The price is a per person cost).