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Hourly Life Coaching Session (Please call 850.284.4899 to schedule a session)

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Age of Discovery, LLC is a life coaching company with subject matter expertise in health and wellness, life purpose, personal growth and development, relationship dynamics, and spirituality. The philosophy of Age of Discovery is derived from the guiding principle of whole-person wellness, which is defined as meaningful and ongoing progress in each of the twelve primary dimensions of your being. Every individual, regardless of circumstances, has a profound longing to live their best life possible. This drive cannot be satisfied when we settle for something less than our full capacity and divine destiny. In order to realize your utmost potential, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle; maximize your productive years; and rid your heart, mind, and soul of the self-imposed baggage that robs you of your dreams and goals. We emphasize the need for sustained, lifelong progress in each of the 12 dimensions of wellness, which include: creative, cultural, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, mental, physical, social, spiritual, visionary, and vocational. If you are interested in establishing a relationship with experienced coaching professionals, please call 850.284.4899 for a free, introductory consultation.