BMW Aftermarket Radio Wire Harness Install Stereo 470-BMW 

Select: 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000

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If Installing an Aftermarket Stereo into Vehicle; you'll need this harness.

Aftermarket Radio Installation Wire Harness
BMW 318I 1984-1998
BMW 319I 1991
BMW 323I 1997-2001
BMW 325 2001
BMW 325I 1992-1997
BMW 328I 1997-2001
BMW 330I 2001
BMW 5 Series 1997-2001
BMW 525 1989-1996
BMW 735I 1987-1998
BMW 740I 1993-1998
BMW 740I 1999-2001
BMW 750I 1988-1997
BMW 850I 1991-1997
BMW M Coupe 1999-2001
BMW M3 1989-1998
BMW M3 1999-2001
BMW M5 2000-2001
BMW Z3 1997-2001.5

Note: If vehicle has factory amp..
 Please select the amplified version if needed

Detailed Description
  • These are what Professional Install Shops use.

  • Quality Copper Gauge Wire Harness

  • Connects Aftermarket Radios into Factory Plugs without the need for cutting.

  • These will maintain the Warranty in your vehicle

  • Return back to factory easily if deciding to sell or return a leased vehicle, you just unplug.


    How to Install Radio -(EASY GUIDE)

    To use simply unplug your factory radio from the harness in the dash.

    1) First, Connect the color-coded wires of (THIS) harness to the wire Harness that comes with aftermarket radio.

        Red to Red, Yellow to Yellow, Black to Black, ETC...

    2) Next, Connect the male end (from Factory OE Radio) to the female end (on this harness listed here)

    3) Finally, plug the aftermarket radio plug into the aftermarket Radio; and slide it in.

    ----- As Easy as 1 - 2 - 3  (You'll be enjoying your music) -----

    These make it easier to connect wires together in comfort of home or garage.

    Lots easier than struggling with a gear shifter and less cramped than inside your car.

    (Our harness meets EIA color codes to take out the guess work.) - see tab for color codes
    These Harnesses are Correctly wired EIA, AIAA for Aftermarket Radio Installation (USA)
    *Please be aware: CHINA direct overseas Radios (Do Not Follow these Guidelines)

    Wire Function



    • 12 Volt Ignition/ Acc.
    • 12 Volt Battery/Memory
    • Ground
    • Power Antenna
    • Amp Turn-On
    • Amp Ground
    • Illumination
    • Dimmer
    • Phone Mute
    • Right Front Spk+
    • Right Front Spk -
    • Left Front Spk+
    • Left Front Spk-
    • Right Rear Spk+
    • Right Rear Spk-
    • Left Rear Spk+
    • Left Rear Spk-
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Blue/White
    • Black/White
    • Orange
    • Orange/White
    • Brown
    • Gray
    • Gray/Black
    • White
    • White/Black
    • Violet
    • Violet/Black
    • Green
    • Green/Black

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