Honda/Acura Aftermarket Radio Wire Harness Install Stereo H804

  • Select:86, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98
  • SKU: H804WH $5.99

    Aftermarket Radio Installation Wire Harness

    • If you are installing an aftermarket radio in your car you need this harness.

    • To use simply unplug your factory radio from the harness in the dash.

    • On the aftermarket radio wire in this harness by matching up the colored wires.

    • (Our harness meets EIA color codes to take out the guess work.)

    • Then simply plug the aftermarket radio back in to the factory plug in the vehicle.

    •  No cut wires, if you sell your vehicle simply unplug the aftermarket radio and re-plug in the factory radio.

    • Save Money - Do It Yourself and get the same results

    Directions for Stereo install:

    1. Simply connect the color-coded wire Harness from Carxtc to the wire harness from aftermarket radio.

      • (Match the Colors together - Red to Red, Yellow to Yellow, etc.)

      • Easily Connect the wires together in the comfort of home or garage

      • Lots easier than struggling with a gear shifter or cramped space inside your car.  

    2. Then plug OUR harness into the vehicle harness (the plug disconnected from the factory radio)

    3. Drive off with your new system.  (As easy as 1-2-3 really)

    CL 1997-1999
    RL 1996-1998
    TL 1996-1998
    NSX 1991-1996
    Integra 1986-1995
    Legend 1986-1995
    Vigor 1992-1994
    Accord (DX/EX/LX)1986-1997
    CRV 1997-1998
    CRX 1986-1991
    Civic 1986-1998
    Civic Del Sol 1993-1997
    Prelude 1986-1998
    Odyssey 1995-1998
    Oasis 1996-1999

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