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U.S.A. THE JOY OF EFFORT. R. Tait McKenzie. Uniface bronze 79mm. $125. ------- Robert Tait McKenzie was born in Ramsay Township in Ontario, Canada on May 26, 1867. He was a physician, educator, athlete, soldier and sculptor, He attended McGill University in Montreal as an undergraduate and medical student, and was an instructor in its medical school beginning in 1894. He became physician to the Governor General of Canada. McKenzie used art as an escape from his medal practice and other responsibilities. His knowledge of anatomy led him to develop a keen interest in depicting athletes in action. In 1904, he moved to the United States to teach at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He pioneered physical fitness programs in Canada. During World War I, he worked at rehabilitating wounded soldiers and his methods are seen as laying a foundation for modern physiotherapy practices. McKenzie exhibited in the fine arts completion at the Olympic Games. The American Olympic Committee commissioned him to create a sports medallion for the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. The resulting work the Joy of Effort, one of his most famous works He won a medal for sculpture at the 1932 games. McKenzie died on April 28 1938.
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