1307, England. EDWARD I, MEMORIAL - Dassier's medal

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EDWARD I, 1272-1307. By Jean Dassier. Bronze 41mm. Obv: Buat of Edward I, in armor, mantle and a crown, facing three-quarters left. Legend: EDOUARD . I . D . G. ANG . ET .HIB . REX. (Edward I, by the grace of God, king of England and Ireland). Rev: A circular temple with three niches containing statues of Minerva (for Edward's Wisdom and military genius), Prudence and Hercules (an allusion to the magnitude and variety of Edward's enterprizes). At one side History is recording Edward's deeds while two onlookers admire the monument on the other side. Exergue: NAT. 1230 . COR. 1272. MORT. 1307. (Born 1230, crowned 1272, died 1307). From Thomason's reissue, circa 1820. MI I 5/2, Eimer 10, Eisler I 256/11. Dassier's medal. $90. Sorry, SOLD (October, 2021)
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