1846, Great Britain. Art Union of London. SIR FRANCIS CHANTREY, Sculptor

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1846, Great Britain. SIR FRANCIS CHANTREY (1781-1941), sculptor. By William Wyon. Bronze 53mm. Obv: Bare head of Francis Chantrey facing right. Rev: Chantrey's memorial to James Watt (in Handworth Church, Birmingham). Edge: Plain (some have an inscription). From the Art Union of London series. BHM 2227, Eimer 1381, Bealah 1. $175 ----------- This was intended to be the first medal issued by the Art Union of London, however progress on the medal was slow and William Wyon could only offer a plaster model to display to medal winners in 1843. Five dies cracked in the hardening process before a good one was obtained in 1846. The silver medals were presented to the recipients of 1843 in 1847.
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