1854, Great Britain. Art Union of London. JOHN FLAXMAN. Cased

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1854, Great Britain. JOHN FLAXMAN. By Henry Weigall. Bronze 55mm. Obv: Bust of Flaxman facing left. Rev: Mercury, supporting Pandora and flying left. From the Art Union of London series.  Beaulah 6, BHM 2530, Eimer 1479. In an original Art Union of London case. Extremely fine. $225.  Sorry, SOLD The commission for this medal was originally given to W. Wilson and was intended to be issued in 1847. In 1848, when the medal still had not been produced, the thirty winners of the silver medals were given the option of selecting either a medal of Chantrey or Reynolds. It still had not been delivered in 1849 and the job was passed to William Wyon. In 1851 Wyon reported a delay due to an accident. He died later in the year, which led to the work being passed to Henry Weigall. In 1854 thirty new prize winners were presented with the silver medal, the winners of 1847 presumably having selected either of the alternatives offered a few years earlier.
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