1272, England. HENRY III, Memorial - Dassier's medal.

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HENRY III, 1216-1272. By Jean Dassier. Bronze 41mm. Obv: Bust of Henry, facing three-quarters right, in armor, mantle and a crown. Legend: HENRICUS . III . D . G . ANG . ET . HIB . REX. (Henry III, by the grace of God, king of England and Ireland. Rev: A square monument, with fluted pilasters and niches containing statues. Two figures and a tree on one side and a landscapre on the other. Exergue: NAT . 1206. COR. 1216. MORT. 1272. (Born 1206, crowned 1216, died 1272 {the correct year of Henry's birth was 1207]). MI I page 4, Eimer 8, Eisler I 255/10. Dassier issue. $90. Sorry, SOLD (February, 2021)
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