Cranky Ladies Coffee Basket -" Oh No You Didn't" -Large

SKU: CBCL02 $87.00
CRANKY LADIES GOURMET COFFEE BASKET- "Oh No You Didn't" This Basket is not cranky at all- rather chock full of delightful Coffee Blends by La Crema Coffee Company , with delightful and whimsical sayings and packaging, original artwork, hand embellished notecards, memo pad and hand painted tea towel by Lula Bell Designs, insulated coffee cup, and adorable zebra purse coffee mug by Wildeye Designs in a black zebra market basket . Featuring Blah Blah Blend (Not Blah Blah at all- delicious vanilla cupcake with almond icing flavored coffee 8 oz,) 1- Coffee Trio Girlfriends Pack featuring, Blah Blah Blend (1.5 oz)- Birthday Babe-Buttery Vanilla Cake Flavor ( 1.5 oz), - and Coffee, Chocolate, Men Blend- Rich Dark Chocolate Flavor -( 1.5 oz. ) Coffee Trio Blooms Pack Featuring Blackberry Blooms ( 1.5 oz)- Blackberry sprinkled with Cinnamon Flavor- ( 1.5 oz) Daisy Danish- Danish Pastry with a Cherry Center Flavor- (1.5 oz_ and Garden Grogg- Butterscotch, Vanilla and Caramel Flavor-(1.5 oz), Eye Candy Zebra stripe and Feather Boa Packaged Designer Mints, Cranky Ladies Original Artwork Note cards, Cranky Ladies Tea Towel, Cranky Ladies Magnetic Memo Pad, and Wildeye Designs Adorable Zebra Stripe Purse Mug- Lays flat on its side for show!! OMG So cute!!!