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Health Classes Online

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Purchase your courses individually to choose exactly the ones you want. These are lighthearted fun videos that teach you all about healthy living. We include links to information and articles for further research on topics. Best of all, we include a Bible devotion with each course.

Courses Available:
  • Your Incredible, Amazing & Miraculous Self-Healing Body!
  • Organic Vs. Non-Organic
  • What Are These Ingredients I Can't Pronounce?
  • Bottled, Tap, Spring....What Water Should We Drink?
  • What Is Lurking in Your Health & Beauty Products??
  • Eating Healthy Costs Too Much! We'll Crunch the Numbers!
  • Why Does Everyone Need Braces & Wisdom Teeth Pulled?
  • Fasting- Good for the Body & Soul!
  • Sunshine- Friend or Foe?
  • Food- Addictive?? Surely Not!!
  • Herbivore, Omnivore or Carnivore??
  • What Do You Know- about GMO?
  • Is All Salt Created Equal?
  • White, Whole Wheat & What's up with Gluten-Free?
  • Got Milk or NOT Milk?
  • The Great Protein Debate-How Much & Where to Get It
  • Sugars- the Good the Bad & the Horrible!
  • Coffee, Alcohol, Soda & Teas-Can We Live without Them??
  • Vaccinations- Helpful or Harmful?
  • Exercise- Easy & Enjoyable Ways to Git-R-Done!
  • Stress- Don't Let It Get the Best of You!
  • Wild Edibles- So Good for You & FREE!!
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