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Replica James Bond Style Black 9MM Blank Firing Automatic Gun

SKU: MBG-700 $94.00
This is a Blank Firing Replica of the Walther PPK. Used by German Officers during WWII as well as the famous sidearm of Ian Flemmings Master Spy, James Bond. This 9mm Blank Gun has a six round capacity, and is truly an excellent Blank Firing Gun. This Gun strips like the original with it's hinged trigger guard, the slide mounted safety works, and most importantly, the mag release is in the right place, and is the right type. Most Replica and all other PPK Replicas use the cheaper to make, cumbersome and quite incorrect "Heel and toe" magazine release like that of the Walther P-38. That makes this Blank Gun, the best quality Walther PPK Replica you can find. AND...At a price that's nice. Bottom Line: You will LOVE this Blank Firing Pistol.
Category:Blank Guns: 9mm