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Remington Model 870 Shotgun: Riot Gun Configuration

SKU: RGC-870 $249.00
After so many requests for a proper Pump Gun, we now have the Remington Model 870 in two configurations. Fixed Bolt, WORKING SLIDE ACTION!!! This American Classic has been used pretty much by everyone. Hunters, Police, and notably, the US Military. The two versions we have represent the most Classic configurations of this venerable firearm. The Riot Gun was the Police standard from the 1950's until modern day, where as the extended magazine has been in use for several decades. This museum quality replica is full size, full weight and is rendered in all metal and hardwood. It's Beautiful, and offered at a fantastic price. For Collecting, training, or "Hero Gun" work in films, this gun is hard to beat. Another proud RGC Exclusive.
Category:Modern Rifles