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SKU: CST-PRKR $10.00
A Simulated PARKERIZING FINISH can be added to ANY OF OUR GUNS! Want your Garand or Thompson Parkerized? No problem. Just want the Charging Handle Parkerized? We can do that. Can you have a Parkerized Colt 1911? You Betcha! An RGC Exclusive. PLEASE NOTE: Most replica guns are finished in a Phosphate Black finish. This is quite correct for some guns like the AK-47 and the MP-44. WWII Era Thompson M1's were also Phosphate, not Parkerized like many believe. Some Guns look better without this service, so call us and talk to our expert Craftsmen and WWII Historians for details. This service adds yet another level of realism to our select Replica Firearms. RGC is a Replica Gun Company like no other. We are run by DISCRIMINATING Collectors, for Discriminating collectors like you. We will make your replica gun EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT IT!
Category:WWII Allied Guns