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WWII Axis: German MP-44 Replica Rifle

SKU: MRG-1125 $249.00
All wood and metal MP-44. Working bolt, removable magazine. The MP-44 is the first true Assault Rifle, and is the prototype for the modern Battle Rifle. Designed by Hugo Schmiesser (Captured and put to work in Kalashnikovs machine shop after the war!!) This rifle is the starting point for so many rifles, like the AK-47, the FN-FAL, the G3, and all the rifles copied from those!. This gun was a design breakthrough, and could be even fitted with a scope. This gun is finished in a Phosphate Black finish that is 100% correct, but it looks great with our optional weathered finish! (Sling not included) Many of these amazing rifles were delivered to units unfinished due to the urgencies and shortages of the late war.
Category:WWII Axis Guns