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M16A1 with M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

SKU: MRG-Scarface $579.00
Our Cobalt Blue Training M16A1 fitted with an M203 Grenade Launcher. These guns were issued to every fourth man back in the day, and if you watch History Channel footage from the first Gulf War, it seemed like everybody had one. This setup was designed to replace the M79 Thumper, and keep the grenadier armed with a rifle. This gun/launcher combo has been seen in countless movies, and was made famous by Al Pacino in the 1983 film "Scarface" Another proud RGC Exclusive. Working Bolt and trigger, working fire control system, removable correct metal mag with 5 rounds of dummy ammo, adjustable sights, working forward bolt assist, etc. grenade launcher opens as original, and loads with a included grenade.