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WWII American: Nitroglycerin Bottle US

SKU: RGX-077 $12.95
New Made Item: Made in the USA! These are wonderful totally INERT old style 7.5 ounce glass bottles offered EMPTY. Fill With Baby Oil for an Authentic Look. Glass bottles are made in the USA with CORRECT and accurate period reproductions. They read: DANGER! DROP IT AND DIE! KEEP BELOW 82* AT ALL TIMES! DO NOT JOLT! NITRO 100% Nitroglycerin Product of US RGC Palmerton, Pennsylvania, USA Explosive for mining & Industrial use only. Not for use in blowing safe deposit boxes or postal train car doors. HIGH EXPLOSIVE! WARNING 7.5 OZ 1939 Features: • 7.5 oz old style glass bottle • Measures- 4” tall • Dated 1939 • Genuine cork stopper • Made in the USA!