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OPTION M: ALL STEEL M9 Bayonet 6143 490

SKU: ACC-M4SB $49.00
Functional M9 Bayonet LOADED with Features: Entire Bayonet made from 440 Stainless Steel. Phosphate Black Finish. Rubberized handle for sure grip. Removable Sharpener/Flint Pouch. Integral Sheath Mounted sharpening stone. Spring Steel quick attach Belt hanger, Slots in sheath for leg tie downs. Blade Length 7 inches. Includes Nylon/Polymer Sheath with wire cutting attachment...The wire cutters breach chain link fence like butter....This Bayonet will NOT affix to the short barreled RGC-002. This is an excellent and legit Sticker, but please, BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ITEM: USE WITH CAUTION. IT'S RAZOR SHARP, AND DEFINITELY NOT A TOY. This is an amazing amount of knife for the money.
Category:The Colt M4 Shop