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MG-34, (Maschinengewehr 34) SCOPED VARIANT! COMING JANUARY 2022

SKU: MG-34 Scoped $569.00
Full Size working bolt and moving trigger MG-34. A SUPER RARE scoped model! Wood Butt Stock. Totally refinished by US RGC Master craftsman. TOP COVER OPENS AND EASILY REMOVES!! One Belt of Ammo and a starter Tab included. Aged finish metal, Vintage finish wood butt stock. THIS GUN LOOKS Legit!!. Look for our other versions including a SUPER RARE scoped model! Note: Ammo in Belt is .308, NOT 8mm...8mm is difficult and expensive to come by. Also, The US RGC Version of the MG-34 is THE ONLY MODEL WITH AN OPENING TOP COVER!...if the Top cover doesn't open, it Ain't an RGC 34.... A SUPER RARE scoped model!