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COBALT BLUE: Russian, RPG-7 With Rocket METAL!!

SKU: COBALT-RPG-7bake $429.00
RPG-7 With Rocket. Full Metal trigger housing, rocket tube, blast cone, trigger housing, front grip frame. The only Polymer on the Launcher is the grip panels, and the simulated Bakelite Stock. The Rocket, a polymer Soviet PG-7 85mm HEAT Round is included in the correct color. The Rocket is removable. Trigger moves on Launcher, safety works, and the trigger group is engraved correctly in Russian. This one is excellent guys, and we can do both the rocket and Stock in Cobalt Blue, or even a wood grain, at no extra cost. This unit has iron flip up sights, but has a rail for the Optics. *Glock not included, shown for scale. We also have this model with a GENUINE WOOD STOCK!