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Lend-Lease / Early WWII 1928 Thompson

SKU: CRG-LLTommy $289.00
Like our Vic Morrow "Combat" 1928 Tommy gun, but with a 20 round dummy mag. This Replica Thompson features a working bolt and trigger, horizontal hand guard, a finned barrel, Cutts Compensator, and proper 1.25 inch sling swivels. This Tommy will accept a 50 round drum (NOT Included) and comes with a 20 round dummy Stick Magazine. This is the configuration of Thompson Just like the early WWII Issue and Lend Lease guns with the 20 round stick. BONUS: Since Our upgrades are so popular, we're including every one with gun, so you don't even have to ask. You get: Polished Bolt / Cocking Knob Notch / Upgraded Metal finish / Vintage Finish Furniture. This is a great gun, and yet another US RGC Exclusive. Will accept the drum mag. The 1928 Thompson with a Cutts Compensator, the horizontal Hand guard, and stick magazine has a visual aesthetic that is very appealing.......That's the long winded way of saying that this configuration of Thompson is especially beautiful. Another proud U.S.RGC Exclusive...This gun will accept the canvas KERR Pattern Sling, and the leather 1907 pattern sling. Guys, I wish I had this one when I was a kid.