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Browning .50 Caliber Miniture 1/5 Scale Replica

SKU: DOD-M2MINI $129.00
Love the M2 Browning? Of course you do. We ALL do....Want to look at Ma Deuce all day?...Yup, us too....Well here is a Scale Model of the Browning M2HB (M2A1 Available on request) Mounted to a wood base....The M2HB and the M3 Tripod are all Metal, and removable from the base. The Base is a wood grain Laminate that will fit the décor in any home or office. Brass Colored Plate identifying the Browning "Ma Deuce" and its years of Service....1921 to the Present. Now, to give you an idea of the scale, this Miniature is about 1:465 Scale, (A wee bigger than GI Joe scale) or 14 inches long, (Spade Grip to Muzzle) on a 24 inch long, 10 inch wide display base. It's an impressive and classic looking display, and would make an AWESOME PRESENTATION GIFT with your custom added brass plate!