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1911 Replica Pistol: Slide Over, "Longmire" Edition

SKU: RGC-1911-Longmire $219.50
RGC Exclusive Colt 1911 Replica in Slide over design. LONGMIRE EDITION GENUINE COLT SLIDE MARKINGS!! Recently, we were commissioned with making a 1911 like the one used in the 6 seasons of the TV Show: "Longmire". It looked great!, so we thought we would offer it. Our famous Slide Over 1911 with an upgraded metal finish and stag type grip panels. This is a pretty pistol. These .45's feature PERFECT VISUAL DETAILING AND FUNCTION!....Everything works as it should, safeties, hammer, trigger, all in a package that is both perfectly proportioned and detailed. Mags insert, dummy ammo loads into the mag, and the gun can be "Racked" for use in film.