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FRONT FIRE: 9mm Blank Gun: AWESOME Beretta 92 Semper Fi M9

SKU: FFB-SemperFi $209.00
FRONT FIRE!! This is the same great Front Fire 9mm Blank firing Beretta model 92SBF/M9 as our above listed guns with a "Black Out" Slide...We don't normally do commemoratives as a catalog custom, but these grips, from a master gripsmith, were just too beautiful to pass up. White grips on a black gun always look good, but these intricately detailed faux Ivory/Resin grips are unbelievably nice. They transform a plain Jane Beretta M9 into something VERY VERY Special..So, for all you Hackers who indeed pack the gear to serve in our Beloved Marine Corps, this gun might be for you. AND...If you are thinking of giving this gun as a gift to that Proud Marine you know, I can tell you you'll be a hero for giving it. These are amazing,