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American, M3 "Greasegun" FREE UPGRADE!!

SKU: MRG-1313-UPGRADE $0.00
Okedoke, here's the drill: Denix decided to make an M3 Greasegun, and to our surprise it was designed with a movable ejection port dust cover, and even the dust cover safety!. We are very happy about that. However, there are a few things collectors and re-enactors DON'T like...Item One; The sling swivels and dust cover are fixed with screws. It looks wrong. Item Two; The barrel wobbles badly, as its only held in place with one tiny screw that is inaccessible. Item Three; The finish is phosphate black, NOT PARKERIZED. So, in typical US RGC Fashion, we can replace the screws with MUCH BETTER LOOKING rivets, add a strengthening pin to the barrel so there is NO BARREL WOBBLE!, and finish the gun in a Parkerize look finish. We will also polish the bolt for the finishing touch. The Magazine and Stock are left phosphate black, and look like blued steel which would be correct for this gun. So, if you want the best looking M3 Greasegun, you just found it. These services are yet another example of the FREE services US RGC offers to its fellow collectors, and the care we give to all of our guns.