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WWII Axis: German MP-41

SKU: MRG-1124 $189.00
The MP-40 was erroneously attributed to the talented designer Hugo Schmiesser, but HE DID design this gun. More like a re-design of the 1938 Heinrich Vollmer designed Submachine gun, this wooden stocked MP-40 followed in the tradition of the Wooden Stocked Submachine guns so popular during the period just after WWI. These guns offered a better firing platform than an extended stock MP-40, and was much more accurate with the stock tucked under the arm when fired in sub-machine gun style. This replica is full size, and all metal and hardwood. MP-40 mags and slings (Available above, not included) fit these fine replica weapon. Looking to round out your WWII Axis Collection? This is the gun.
Category:WWII Axis Guns